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AI, Computer vision
Signature detectionwith PyTorch CRAFT

Simple photo signature watermark detection using PyTorch CRAFT text detector.

Paper Character Region Awareness for Text Detection, 2019,

Project available on github/scoutant, 2021/09

AI, Computer vision
Face blur3D Dense Face Alignment

Smart face blur using 3D Dense Face Alignment.

Project available on github/scoutant, 2021/10

Providing smoother transitions compared to what all the face anonymization services will provide out there. As bellow:

Android, 3.000.000+
Calendar 2022 2021/11

Stylish calendar 2021 displaying both holidays/red days and the events of your online calendars : Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange...

Experience the smooth navigation between the views month / day / event.

Available on Play Store, release 7.2.

Android, 300.000+
Chinese Checkers 2021/08

Chinese Checkers is a strategy board game. Every player has 10 pieces : the winner is the one that first races his pieces across the board. Up to six players can play.

A piece hops over another piece. You can chain several hops in a single move.

Available on Play Store, release 3.3.

Android, Open source
RPN Calculator 2021/10

Handy calculator in Reverse Polish Notation style.

App is written in Kotlin as alternative to Java.

App is open-source. Licence GNU GPLv3.

Available on Github and F-Droid, release 1.3.

Android, open-source
Blokish 2020/04

An open-source implementation of the popular game Blokus.

Blokus is a family game involving four players and a board with 20 x 20 squares.

Like chess or checkers, it's a game for which at any time you can see your opponent's pieces.

Available on Github and F-Droid, release 3.5. Used to be on Play Store, 200.000+ downloads.

Android, France, 500.000+
Trafic Futé RIP, 2012--2019

Eviter les bouchons en France grâce à l'info-trafic avec les données de Bison Futé injectées dans une Google Maps.

Avant l'arrivée de Google Traffic.

L'application n'est plus maintenue depuis 2019. N'est plus disponible sur Play Store. Elle peut être téléchargée directement avec le lien ci-dessous. Au niveau du smartphone, il convient d'autoriser l'installation d'application de sources inconnues...

Trafic Futé v4.3