1.000.000+ Android app installs

Mi Band, 1.2€, 50+
GPS Nav - Mi Band release 1.3 2015/12

Use your wristband Mi Band as accesorry for a true turn-by-turn GPS navigation.

You capture the turn notification in the following way: One vibration pattern to turn right: bip. Another pattern to turn left : bip-bip-bip.

Calendar 2016 release 3.0 2016/01

Stylish calendar 2016 displaying both holidays/red days and the events of your online calendars : Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange...

Experience the smooth navigation between the views month / day / event.

Nice display using Holo theme with pastel colors.

Android Wear, 1.2€, 200+
GPS Nav with Wear vibrations release 1.3 2015/09

A true turn-by-turn GPS navigation. Eyes-free, hands-free and no voice. Just by vibrations on the wrist! Using an Android Wear watch.

You capture the turn notification in the following way: One vibration pattern to turn right: bip. Another pattern to turn left : bip-bip-bip.

Tablet, 100.000+
Chinese Checkersrelease 2.0.2 2015/01

Chinese Checkers is a strategy board game. Every player has 10 pieces : the winner is the one that first races his pieces across the board. Up to six players can play.

A piece hops over another piece. You can chain several hops in a single move.

Android Wear, 50.000+
2048 - Android Wearrelease 2.1 2015/11

The popular game 2048 now available on Android Wear, #1 in Puzzle category on smartphones.

This game nicely fits the watch form factor with a board of only 4x4 tiles.

Move the tiles on the board with your fingers. Similar tiles merge when they touch and the value get doubled.

Sony Smartwatch 2, 5.000+
Discount Calculatorrelease 1.0 2014/04

Directly on your Sony Smartwatch this app enables you to calculate prices after discount.

Very simple to use : just input the original price, pick the discount percentage and you get the final price.

Open-source, 100.000+
Blokish release 2.4 2015/06

An open-source implementation of the popular game Blokus.

Blokus is a family game involving four players and a board with 20 x 20 squares.

Like chess or checkers, it's a game for which at any time you can see your opponent's pieces.

France, 480.000+
Trafic Futé version 3.1 2015/08

Eviter les bouchons en France grâce à l'info-trafic avec historiquement Bison Futé et désormais Google Traffic. Application épurée et sans pub! Les bouchons apparaissent en rouge. Lors de la première utilisation, le fond de carte peut mettre jusqu'à une minute à apparaître après les axes de circulation.

France, 1.5€, 6000+
Trafic Futé Pro version 3.8 2015/09

Un vrai assistant de conduite, qui permet l'usage dans le véhicule en gardant toujours les mains sur le volant :

• géolocalisation qui permet un recadrage de la carte pendant le déplacement.

• débrayage de la mise en veille automatique. Pour que la carte reste visible au-delà de la temporisation d'inactivité du smartphone

• arrêt automatique du débrayage, lorsque la batterie devient faible. Pour laisser le reste de batterie pour applis plus importantes. Ne jamais être à cours de batterie pour passer un appel!

Android Wear, 10.000+
Calculator Wearrelease 2.1 2014/12

Simple and easy to use calculator. Directly on your wrist with any Android Wear watch.

Notice how the display adapts to calculation situations to show you more.

One of the very first calculator on Android Wear watch.

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