Android application development

Below, you'll find the Android apps I'm publishing on the Android Market.

For all of my apps just have a look at my : developer page on Play Store.

Android game - Blokus

2012/09 - Blokish, release 2.0, 100000+ downloads.

My first app deployed on Android Market. It's an open-source implementation of the popular game Blokus.

The app is a Libre/open-source software with GPL v3 licence. Checkout the source code on Github at

You'll discover, behind the scene, how are carried out the smooth UI swipe, rotate and DnD gestures...

Traffic information Android app

2013/07 - Trafic Futé, release 2.1, 150000+ downloads.

Android application using a Google Map to display Traffic information.

Only French cities are covered by the app. So you'll find the it in the Android Market only in you are located in France and Switzerland.

Free/Libre open-source software. Checkout the code at